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John L Borom Coastal Birdfest

This place is for the birds!
A great blue heron sails across a Mobile Bay sunset. Pelicans fly in perfect formation as they prepare to nose-dive into the Gulf for the catch of the day. The Alabama Coastal Birding Trail is a birder's paradise. Our sun-drenched coast is a popular resort area for a variety of feathered visitors and year-round residents. The trail spans two counties, and is enhanced by directional and interpretive signage, offering birding enthusiasts endless opportunities for avian appreciation.
We hope you enjoy what this great region has to offer. Please be sure to visit one of the welcome centers or contact one of the organizations below and let us help you make plans to come back again.
5 Rivers Alabama Delta Resource Center
30945 Five Rivers Blvd.
Spanish Fort, AL 36527
5 Rivers
Alabama Gulf Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau
P.O. Drawer 457
Gulf Shores, AL 36547
800-745-SAND or 251-968-7511
Gulf Coast Visitors Bureau
Mobile Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau
P.O. Box 204
Mobile, AL 36601-0204
800-5-MOBILE or 251-208-2000
Mobile Bay Visitors Bureau
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